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Tired of Juggling Pen and Paper? Discover Flexitime!

Are you starting your fitness or wellness journey as a side gig or are you well established? Are you managing bookings with pen and paper, and relying on messaging apps like WhatsApp to keep costs down? We get it. It’s frustrating chasing clients for bookings and payments, especially when last-minute cancellations leave you out of pocket with no backup plan. And as your business grows, managing customers and maintaining revenue becomes even more challenging.

What if there was a hassle-free way to sell your services and protect your cash flow? Enter Flexitime – the digital platform designed to streamline your business. Flexitime offers an affordable, user-friendly solution to your booking woes. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to your very own sleek Flexitime store. Not only does Flexitime make managing your business easier, but it also simplifies the purchasing process for your existing clients and helps you attract new ones. Ready to take your business to the next level? Join Flexitime today!

How it works for you

Welcome to Flexitime!
Explore the power of Flexitime, your gateway to a revolutionary approach to wellness. As a service provider, here's how it works for you.
Set Your Own Schedule
With Flexitime, you're in control. Set your availability based on your schedule, offering services when it suits you best. No rigid timelines, just flexibility.
Connect with a Wider Audience
Not only can existing clients purchase your services but Flexitime allows you to reach new clients beyond geographical constraints. Flexitime connects you with users seeking your expertise, expanding your reach and client base.
Showcase Your Services Online
Flexitime gives providers more online presence, offering a digital store page to showcase your products and services. Your offerings are not only visible on your store page but also on the "explore" page, bringing in the possibility of new clients.
Tailored Plans for Your Business
Choose from our plans - 'Flexitime Lite,' 'Flexitime Simple,' 'Flexitime Pro,' and 'Flexitime Teams.' Each plan offers unique features, from managing appointments to selling physical products and auto-renewal of memberships.
Start with a Free Listing
Professionals unsure about signing up for a plan can begin with a free listing. It gives you a chance to get your business seen on the website.
Seamless Payments with Stripe
Flexitime has partnered with Stripe to offer upfront payments from customers, reducing no-shows and cancellations. Your cash flow remains steady with secure transactions.
Amplify Your Reach
Flexitime offers coverage through social media, blogs, newsletters, and more. Leverage our platform to enhance your business visibility.
Tools for Success
Flexitime gives you all the tools and information necessary to succeed. Drive organic traffic to your digital store, and we'll help you every step of the way.
Understand Customer Wants
Sending your existing customers and social media followers through Flexitime creates organic traffic to the website and thus helps us to understand customer preferences. As we analyze data, driving paid traffic becomes more targeted, ensuring your services reach the right audience.
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Built with you in mind

Benefits of our services

Digital Storefront

Your Digital Storefront

Craft your unique digital store, showcasing your services for effortless bookings by existing and potential customers.

Sell products & services

Enhanced Offerings

Sell products, gift vouchers, memberships, and conduct in-person or online classes – everything you need in one place.

Manage bookings & appointments

Effortless Scheduling

Seamlessly manage all your bookings and appointments from a single, user-friendly platform.

Secure payments

Secure Payments with Stripe

Say goodbye to uncertainties – receive upfront payments via Stripe, minimizing cancellations and ensuring a steady income flow.

Customer communication

Customer communication

Engage with your customers directly through our platform, allowing inquiries and fostering effective communication.


Leverage Coupons & Offers

Create tempting coupons to attract and incentivize new customers, driving growth for your business.

Support Call

Complimentary Support Call

Enjoy a free 30-minute account set-up call – our way of ensuring you hit the ground running with Flexitime.

WhatsApp Networking Group

Refer another business

Refer a business to Flexitime and save 50% off your next month’s subscription. Keep referring businesses for continued discounts until the end of 2024. Maximum 1 discount per month.

We give you more

We give you more

We offer more than just scheduling. With Flexitime, we promote your skills and content on social media, conduct interviews, and include your blogs in our newsletters. Our priority is to support Irish businesses and facilitate connections nationwide.

Provider Testimonials

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Shane O Connor – Fealefit

Play Video about Sage Wellbeing

Carmel Connor – Sage Wellbeing

Play Video about Wellness Awakened Holistic

Ann Fennelly- Wellness Awakened 

Why not head on over to our account to see examples of what your services could look like: Example services

One account… Endless possibilities.

Why not book in below and we can help build your store with you!

"Success is not built overnight; it's the result of persistent effort, resilience, and learning from failures. Rome wasn't built in a day, but they were laying foundations every hour''

Reasons to sign-up

Free to get started
Try our service for free with a 14-day trial. See for yourself how it works without any cost to you.
Price freeze
Choose today's plan at a fixed rate with no price hikes. Our Flexitime guarantee. (Limited Time Only)
50% off for Referrals
Refer another business to sign up and get 50% off your next month. Keep referring and get 50% off until 2025.
Social Media
Tag @Flexitime when sharing your services on social media. We'll help spread the word with our followers!
We highlight you!
Highlight your services with our 'Flexpert of the week', blog writing in your niche, and our newsletter. This will be available for all our customers to see.
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Plans tailored to fit your business



25%  Discount

Flexitime Lite

Appointments only


per month.

Flexitime Simple

Sell services only


per month.

Flexitime Pro

Lite + Simple + Physical products


per month.

Flexitime Teams

All of Pro + staff management


per month.

Flexitime Lite

Appointments only


* per month (when paid annually)

Flexitime Simple

Sell services only


* per month (when paid annually)

Flexitime Pro

Lite + Simple + Physical products


* per month (when paid annually)

Flexitime Teams

All of Pro + staff management 


* per month (when paid annually)


Remember, the price you pay today for subscription stays frozen…..FOREVER! * 

Once one stays subscribed, you will keep this price.

Offer ends June 1st!


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Frequently asked questions

Flexitime is the first Irish platform of it`s kind that helps connect customers to the fitness, health & self-care professionals that they require. Flexitime gives professionals the tools to manage their business on a day-to-day basis while potentially winning new clients.

Please check out this video:

Also, here are examples of professions we are looking for the following areas:


Personal Trainer
Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Fitness Instructor
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Zumba Instructor
CrossFit Coach
Running Coach
Swimming Instructor
Dance Instructor
Martial Arts Instructor
Barre Instructor
Spin Instructor
Boxing Coach
Kettlebell Instructor
Bootcamp Instructor
TRX Trainer
Surfing Instructor
Skateboarding Coach
Golf Coach


Massage Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech and Language Therapist
Mental Health Counselor


Life Coach
Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher
Reiki Practitioner
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Art Therapist
Energy Healer
Sound Healer
Crystal Healer
Tarot Reader
Feng Shui Consultant
Holistic Life Coach
Past Life Regression Therapist
Breathwork Coach
Angel Card Reader

If your profession is not listed here but you feel it should be included, please reach out to us and we will be happy to talk to you.

Register now and enjoy numerous benefits such as a customizable dashboard, your own store page to showcase your services and skills, nationwide selling opportunities, appointment management, easy payment processing, customer communication, and the ability to be featured on all our social media platforms. Plus many more features!

Our platform allows customers to easily search for services. Professionals can manage their business and showcase their offerings, while also being part of a supportive community. Our built-in SEO tool helps potential customers find your services on Google. We prioritize working closely with service providers, offering opportunities for promotion through blogs, interviews, and social media.

We cannot guarantee success as it depends on various factors like service quality, demand for profession, and attractiveness of products/services. Flexitime provides tools, documentation, and tutorials for your success. Follow instructions for best results.

Flexitime offers complete flexibility to fit your needs. Whether you run a large business or work part-time, we’ve got you covered.

You are responsible for your own VAT when providing services. Choose the correct VAT rate for your services in your dashboard. Flexitime is not responsible for any errors on your part.

You as the service provider set the rates for the services you deliver.

Configure your payments through Stripe in your dashboard to receive upfront payment for your services. Stripe will handle any concerns you have regarding your earnings.

To attract more customers to your Flexitime page, share your page link on social media and embed YouTube videos. This will also improve SEO. Increased traffic will help analyze service demand, allowing for paid advertising. We’ll invest in digital marketing through Google and social media, as well as networking groups. Radio and TV spots may come in 2024.

– Follow the instructions on the ‘Docs’ tab to gain new clients.
– Join Flexitime to reach a wider audience seeking fitness, health, and self-care services, and attract potential customers.
– Offer different services on Flexitime to expand your customer base and appeal to a broader range of customers.
– Deliver exceptional services to get positive customer reviews and ratings, which build trust and attract more customers.
– Use social media to promote your business on Flexitime.

List your services on our “Explore” page for easy booking by clients. Share your store page for direct booking and use our SEO tool in the dashboard to boost visibility.

We’ll feature service providers’ articles on our blog and social media and share 3 weekly “Experts” (in Fitness, Health, and Self-care) with links to their profiles. We’ll also conduct provider interviews and send out a weekly newsletter to all customers and providers.

You can leave at any time you choose.

Yes you can. However, you may not get the same great rate you had started with.

To sign up on Flexitime, you need to meet certain requirements. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to provide insurance, qualifications, and a photo ID when requested. If you want to increase your credibility, you can also upload proof of these documents. We will add a quality assured badge to your profile, which will make you stand out to potential customers. Flexitime reserves the right to terminate your contract if you cannot provide these documents.

You can reach me through the ”Contact” tab on the top of the page or via email at


You can register by clicking here.

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