6 wk Nutrition course w/meditation


A 6 week course including all aspects of nutrition with a session of meditation and food demo also

Through our two modalities of nutritional therapy and meditation, we are looking at the holistic approach to health, nourishing mind body and soul as everything in the body is connected, so it’s essential to look at all four pillars of health; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to reach optimal health.

In weeks 1-4 Kara will look at topics such as blood sugar balance, gut health and inflammation and discuss how these can get in the way of us reaching our true potential by causing the likes of hormone imbalance, effect our mental health and leading to unnecessary chronic illness.

In week 5 Peggy will run us through amazing meditation and positive psychology tips to get us seeing things differently by re-focusing and looking at your life through a different lens, which brings with it clarity and often breakthrough results.

We’ll finish on week six with the food Demo to put everything into practical package of how to get those tips on to your plate, tasty quick, easy, healthy meals to make the whole thing sustainable for healthy lifestyle going forward.




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