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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Anxiety / Self-Esteem / Self-Worth / Confidence

Hypnosis is the practice of bringing a person to an altered state of consciousness or brainwave, that feels like a state of deep relaxation and calm. Also known as a trance state, you could consider yourself to be experiencing this type of altered consciousness when you are watching television, daydreaming or when you are about to fall asleep. Hypnotherapy provides a context in which a professional practitioner uses hypnosis in order to provide a therapeutic experience for a client, helping them to reframe old thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that are limiting to a person’s mental and physical health and ability to live their life well.

The mind responds to the words and pictures that you give to it on a daily basis and does not care whether these messages are good or bad. We form beliefs about ourselves and the world from the time we are born and these beliefs become embedded in our subconscious. Many of these beliefs we are not even aware of, but they can really affect our lives and our perception of ourselves (for better or worse). Through the use of hypnotherapy, it is possible to alter neural networks in the brain; weakening old, unwanted ones and building, creating and strengthening new, desirable ones. This is known as neuroplasticity.

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Your treatment package includes:

4 x 1 hour (weekly) hypnotherapy sessions

A full assessment of your needs and desired outcomes

1 x hypnosis recording

Fee: €280


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