Self Care Coaching (3 week package)


Self-care coaching is designed for busy and stressed achievers seeking balance and ease in their demanding lives.

This coaching is for you if:
1️⃣ You feel out of sync with yourself and believe others don’t see the real you, especially when overwhelmed or frustrated.
2️⃣ You swing between feeling busy and feeling exhausted both emotionally and physically.
3️⃣ Often you feel that you don’t have enough time, energy or motivation to make physical, mental and emotional health changes and to stick with them in the long term.
4️⃣ You’re ready to find what actually works for you and go inward moving beyond generic methods that haven’t worked for you.

Time for changes around your health, wellness, life, or work? If so, in these sessions you will:
1️⃣ Feel more grounded and connected to yourself and others, that you are more than just surviving but thriving.
2️⃣ Listen & tend to your own needs instead of putting them to the bottom of the list.
3️⃣ Learn to create a more sustainable balance with your health so you can work with your body instead of against it. You can begin to see exercise, sleep and nutrition as nourishing for your physical and mental health.
4️⃣ Learn to set boundaries from a place of empowerment & clarity for you as well as those you love.
5️⃣ Feel more clear headed especially about what it is you really want and value so that you can make health and life choices that will actually fit you and your lifestyle instead of forcing something that doesn’t work.

3 WEEKLY SESSIONS (3 sessions) of one-to-one support via 60 min Zoom coaching calls. This package includes accountability in between sessions via email for the duration of your coaching package, practical resources, tools and practices that suit you and your lifestyle.

It’s time to invest in your well-being and embark on a journey of self-discovery and sustainable change.

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