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Customer feedback

Get €10 off any Flexitime service by completing our survey

Our aim at Flexitime is simple. To bring you the professionals and services that you deserve. We understand that not everyone works a 9-5 and the time constraints on people. That’s why we want to build a completely flexible system that will cater to all your needs.

So whether your a busy mum or dad juggling your career and kids or your a person who would like to try out a new exercise class, then Flexitime aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your needs. In order for us to bring you a selection of services, we would like to get your thoughts for our survey below. Not only will your insights be invaluable in helping us narrow in on the perfect professionals to bring on board but you will be rewarded for your help as we will offer you €10 off any Flexitime service.

Plus, if you get a professional to sign up, you’ll score another €10 off your first class with them!

Simply fill out the survey and we will send you your very own personal coupon code to be used on any service. It’s just a little thank you from us for helping us along the way. Be sure tell others about this and they can avail of this too 😊

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