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Optimise your Life one breath at a time. Understanding the simple yet powerful tool that is the breath, can support and change our state, regulate our nervous system and every system in the body. Our mindset can change our breath and this altered breath can support mindset shift. This is all delivered in a practical and realistic manner in a way that you can integrate into your daily life.

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Vendor: Carmel Connor - Sage Wellbeing - Co Mayo/Online

Hi, Im Carmel Connor, I am a Breathwork and Mindset Practitioner. My approach is always realistic and practical, supporting you to create your own toolbox of techniques and practices to incorporate into your daily life.
The chances are you do not wish to become better at breathing! Perhaps there are areas in your life you would like to improve or simply get better at! Theses can include:
Improved sleep & sleep apnea.
Reduce stress & anxiety.
Increase focus and attention.
Reduce overthinking and overwhelm.
Increase athletic performance.
Improve immune response.
Nervous System Regulation.
…and more.
We can learn to use the breath to work with all of the above. This is combined with understanding the connection between our thoughts (mind), our breathing and our nervous system.
I am passionate about sharing wellbeing practices and techniques in an accessible way. The overlap of Neuroscience, Nervous System and Positive Psychology underpin my teaching in helping individuals understand how their minds work, how they learn and how all can be changed and optimised by changing the breath.
I combine an understanding of the ancient wisdom combined with modern science and a practical approach.
We can become overwhelmed by a variety of breathing techniques available and finding the best one. I share both principles as well as an understanding of physiology, neuroscience and the nervous system. These all underpin our breathing practice and integrate an understanding of how certain methods benefit certain situations.
I also have a Postgrad in Workplace Wellness with Trinity College, Dublin. This has provided an additional layer into her Wellness offering. Culture, leadership and change all underpin wellness in the workplace. Carmel offers talks, workshops and team building events tailored for your workplace. Working with your unique organisation to support developing a Wellness Operating Plan that can work for you.
Carmel delivers courses, workshops, retreats and corporate events both in person and online
Topics Covered:
• Mindset & Resilience
• Breathwork – changing your state one breath at a time.
• Mindfulness
• Mind/Body Connection
• Perspective
• Stress
• Sleep
• Digestion
• Overthinking

I also offer 1:1 sessions which offer you the opportunity to create a bespoke programme for you, what will work for you, what areas you wish to focus on, to improve, what amount of time you can utilise. I will work through your breath, your mind, your physical body reactions to your nervous system. This is an opportunity for you to guide me to create a bespoke programme for you.

Company: Sage Wellbeing
Address: No 6 Mountain View, Kiltimagh , Co.Mayo , Mayo, F12 YN20, Mayo, Ireland

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