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Caroline - Hypnotherapy & Coaching Services - Wicklow
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Vendor: Caroline - Hypnotherapy & Coaching Services - Wicklow

My name is Caroline Lenehan and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapy® Practitioner and Stress Management Coach from Dublin. I specialise in helping people to uncover the innate power from within and with reframing long held self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, at the subconscious level. These changes result in engaging in a healthier relationship with the self, with others and with life. I work specifically in the areas of Anxiety, Self-esteem, Confidence and Smoking Cessation. I know from experience that it is absolutely possible to achieve greater overall wellness. I am motivated by learning about and understanding each individual and their unique perception of life.

Do you often feel anxious or worried and wish to harness a greater sense of calm, physically and emotionally?

Are you tired of doubting yourself and would like to exude more confidence?

Are you looking for tools to help get you through stressful times and deal with stressful feelings?

Would you like to fully experience yourself as / show the world the brilliant person that you are?

I would love to help. Please don't hesitate to reach out or book a discovery call.

*Online and In-person*


Company: Untethered Mind Hypnotherapy & Coaching Services

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