Reiki energy therapy


Do you feel negative at times? Challenged? Not able to think clearly and wondering why!

Reiki Energy Therapy is an amazing tool to help us re-balance our energy within us, it has the ability to heal on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.  Crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral & root are the 7 energy centres in our body known as  Chakras, similar to spinning discs/wheels, when they become blocked we can’t function to our full potential. During the Reiki session I transmit a fresher energy and clear away the old enabling you to let go of what you no longer want to hold onto. People have reported feeling happier in themselves, more positive and gaining more clarity!




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Vendor: Ann Fennelly - Wellness Awakened Holistic

Company: Wellness Awakened Holistic
Phone: +353876565217

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