Abbeyfeale 5K

Abbeyfeale community showed up for themselves

What a weekend it was! On Sunday, April 7th, at 11 am, Flexitime hosted its inaugural event in collaboration with The Limerick Mental Health Association. After weeks of intense preparation, we faced the unexpected challenge of Storm Kathleen, which threatened to dampen our plans. Despite the uncertainties, as luck would have it, the storm subsided, the rain cleared, and we were ready to roll.

As we set up for the event, the community of Abbeyfeale and beyond began to gather. The atmosphere was festive, filled with eager participants ready to embark on our Family 5k run/walk along the picturesque greenway. Before the start, we addressed the crowd briefly, mindful of the weather and their anticipation for post-activity refreshments (who doesn’t look forward to that hot cup of tea and treats after a good walk!).

The turnout was fantastic, with families pushing strollers and riding bikes towards Kerry while seasoned runners tackled the Limerick route, aiming for personal bests. What warmed our hearts the most was seeing everyone smiling, enjoying the walk, and reconnecting with friends and neighbors and even the kiddies getting their face painted. The occasional shower couldn’t dampen the spirits of our resilient locals— the positivity in the air was palpable.

The day flew by in a whirlwind of activity. We found ourselves wishing it could last longer, savoring every moment of community togetherness. As participants began to depart, we reflected on the success of the event—over 300 attendees! We were absolutely thrilled and immensely grateful to each and every person who showed up and made our day unforgettable.

At Flexitime and The Limerick Mental Health Association, our mission is simple: to spread positivity and wellness within our community. This event was a testament to that mission. It’s not just about showing up for us; it’s about showing up for yourself and taking pride in your well-being. The next time you feel hesitant about getting active or socializing, ask yourself how you’ll feel afterward—chances are, you’ll be glad you did.

A special thanks goes out to the local businesses whose support made this event possible. Your contributions were invaluable and deeply appreciated. As we wrap up, remember to prioritize self-care and kindness toward one another.

Thank you once again to everyone who joined us. You truly made our day, and we can’t wait for the next adventure with Flexitime. Take care and keep well!


Anthony O’Connell
Flexitime 💪

Pictures from the day


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