5K Family Fun Run/Walk

Flexitime and Cardio Flourish Host Successful 5k Family Fun Run/Walk with Limerick Mental Health Association

On Sunday, June 30th, Flexitime and Cardio Flourish, in partnership with the Limerick Mental Health Association, hosted a 5k family fun run/walk on the scenic Newcastle West Greenway. This event, our second since the inaugural one in Abbeyfeale on April 7th, aimed to promote positive mental health through an active lifestyle.

Our first event in Abbeyfeale, my hometown, drew nearly 300 participants, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The success of that day inspired us to continue our mission: advocating for mental health awareness and promoting physical activity as a means to enhance well-being. We believe these events play a crucial role in spreading the message of mental health awareness and the importance of physical activity and social interaction.

In the weeks leading up to the Newcastle West event, we engaged with the local community, speaking with residents and businesses. Their friendliness and support were overwhelming, setting a positive tone for the upcoming day.

As the day of the event arrived, we set up our stalls and eagerly awaited the participants. Initially quiet, the area soon buzzed with energy as people of all ages—from babies in strollers to high-performance athletes and pensioners—arrived to join the 5k run/walk. After a brief introduction by myself, Ian, and Kevin, we explained the purpose of the day and then let the participants take to the beautiful greenway. Runners headed towards Abbeyfeale while walkers and those with buggies moved towards Rathkeale. The weather was slightly overcast with the sun occasionally peeking through, creating ideal conditions for a pleasant stroll or run.

Upon returning from their 5k, participants were greeted with a well-earned cup of tea, biscuits, and healthy snacks provided by Optimum Nutrition. The atmosphere was electric, filled with smiles and lively conversations. People shared stories, jokes, and enjoyed each other’s company. Children delighted in getting temporary tattoos, adding to the joyful ambiance. Many participants found the social interaction over a cup of tea as rewarding as the physical activity itself. It was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

The primary goal of the day was to bring the community together and enhance individual well-being. If we succeeded in making even a few people feel more connected and better about themselves, then we consider it a job well done.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the local businesses that supported us, including The Lab gym, Sarah from Optimum Nutrition, and Holland & Barrett. This day was not just about showing up for us, but about showing up for you.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible day. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! 💪😀

Some pictures from the day!

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Psss…. If you registered for the walk, please leave your thoughts below in the comment box. Your feedback makes our next event even better 🙌


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