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Let the professionals lead the way.

Hi all.

We are entering an exciting phase in Flexitime. With new providers signing up and pushing the platform forward, we thought it was time to let some of our professionals take the lead here and leave us know their thoughts. Every week, we will have our very own providers from all areas of fitness, health and self-care writing blogs, giving you insight into their business, the challenges they face and how they envision the road ahead.

To kick us off next week on Thursday 20th of July, we have our very own Sofia Dagg of Elemental Empress Medicine. This is sure to be a great read and make sure to catch her profile here: https://flexitime.ie/professionals-trainers/elementalempressmedicine/info to learn a little more about her.

Also keep it locked on our socials as we will be highlighting some of our awesome professionals here too.

For now, be good and take care.




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