What`s it all worth?

Hey Everyone!

I`m going to start off by asking all of you a question.

What is the value of a customer to your business, and how does it impact your overall success and growth?

All businesses can relate to the fact that a customer represents more than just a one-time transaction; they have the potential to generate recurring revenue, refer other customers, provide valuable feedback, and contribute to the overall reputation and growth of the business.

So, if you had a free resource to get you that ”1 customer” would you take it?

You would think that most people would seize the opportunity, recognizing its value. However, in reality, not everyone takes advantage of what’s right in front of them, missing out on potential growth and success for their business due to various reasons such as lack of awareness, complacency, or hesitation to adapt to new strategies. I have myself fallen to complacency and hesitation and have missed opportunities and instead focused on algorithms, meta business advertising and so on to help me bring my customers while hoping to achieve success without really banging the drum. I now realize it takes more than just marketing campaigns. I need to put myself front and center, knock on those doors and be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. In short, I need to get comfortable in the uncomfortable if I want to grow.

Over the coming weeks, I will be posting video tutorials showing service providers how to register your business, create services, making the most out of your store page and how to reach new clients. I will also be on the road much more over the coming months and I will be hoping to meet you along my journey and give you assistance where I can.

At present, we are offering service providers an amazing deal. We are offering a 3-month free trial of our platform! Yes, you read that right – three months of completely free access to Flexitime and this offer is only valid until the 17th of July.

To avail of this offer, all you need to do is:

  1. Follow our Instagram page
  2. Share this post with another service provider who may benefit from Flexitime.
  3. Screenshot and tag in your Instagram post.

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, we will send you a coupon code, and you can start enjoying the numerous benefits of our platform. Some of these benefits include a complete booking and scheduling tool, payment processing, financial tracking, coupon creation, and the opportunity to reach new clients through our site – and that’s just the beginning!

Before we wrap up from today, I want you to keep in mind the question I asked at the outset ”What is the value of a customer to your business, and how does it impact your overall success and growth?” This maybe one of the most important questions we may have and or success depends on how we answer it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to see you soon.

Maidir le mo chairde

Anthony O Connell

Flexitime Team!


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