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Service Provider Video Tutorials

Hey Everyone.

We are launching a series of videos to help service providers understand how to use Flexitime to its absolute fullest. Videos such as how to register as a provider, how to use the dashboard, create services, SEO your profile page, how to reach more clients and much more. Please check back on this page as we will be uploading videos frequently showing you how to make the most of this platform.


Here is the first video in the series where we show service providers how to register on Flexitime.

How to set-up your profile

Here, we give you a walkthrough of your Provider dashboard and show you how to set-up you profile.

You can also check out this page if you want to know more about the benefits of Flexitime and for any questions you may have. https://flexitime.ie/professionals-info/

Flexitime step-by-step instructions

Here in the ‘Docs’ tab in your dashboard, you have all the documentation required to help you make the most of your Flexitime experience

Creating a bookable/appointment service

This is our second video tutorial of the series and today we are focusing on a bookable product. This simply is if you run an appointment based business, this is essentially a bookable product.

Creating a simple product – 6 week yoga package

This is our third video in the series. Today we are creating a simple product . For example a simple product could be a package such as a 4 week career guidance session, a 3 week physio session or even a 6 week yoga class. Today we will create a 6 week yoga package as a simple product.

Downloadable product – Tailored Nutrition plan for clients

Today we are going to look at creating downloadable services. Now, downloadable services could be a Nutritionist setting out a meal plan for their clients or maybe a personal trainer setting out a tailored exercise plan for their customers.

In this example today we will create a service whereby a nutritionist sells tailor made meal plans to specific customers.

Verify with YouTube and upload videos to store page

If you would like to upload videos to your store page, the only way to do this at present is by embedding it from YouTube. Below are 2 videos that show you how to verify your YouTube account and find your Video ID.

How to verify your YouTube account

How to find Video ID

Once you have your Video ID, please place your ID in the middle of the 2 YouTube in brackets: <youtube>video ID here</youtube>

For Example your new YouTube link should look like so: <youtube>liJVSwOiiwg</youtube>

Please navigate to your Flexitime vendor dashboard to Settings > Store Information > About Us and insert link. Congratulations! You have just uploaded your first video.


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